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The distinctive features of how, why and what thoughts, feelings and images are seized by my consciousness and deemed urgent enough to be the start of a poem; has to do with cultivated vulnerability. Its almost assuredly always in instances of self exposure and allowing myself to be changed by my lived experiences that I have ever produced what can be called a poem. Unshielded - ness or disclosure are one of the most significant forces behind my writing; unrelenting attempts to decipher and face all aspects of the emotional landscape . There is a constant flow in my identity as a poet and as a psychotherapist; with often no clear boundaries dividing my practice in both; hence they merge with each other seamlessly.

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Aletheia is an ancient Greek word meaning unconcealed, unclosedness, disclosure or truth; reflections of the striving created through my allegiance to existential philosophy and psychotherapy. ‘Theia’  is a hypothesized ancient planetary-mass object in the early Solar System and it is believed that our moon was formed by a violent, head-on collision between the early Earth and a “planetary embryo” (Theia) approximately 100 million years after the Earth formed. The title of the chapbook wanted to portray my preoccupations and yearnings that are rooted in beliefs and searches of wildly unique worlds, both within and without, ultimately shedding light on my poetry writing process. ale(theia) is a dedication to the intimate unraveling of the geography, anatomy and vulnerability of my life’s encounters.






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